a message from sharon

Wow... life sure has changed in the past few weeks hasn't it!? I hope you and your family are staying healthy and in good spirits! I pray that even during tough times you can cling to hope and that you can find a way to replace any fear with faith. If there is anyway that I can help support you and your family or offer any specific prayers, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I wanted to offer some ideas for those of you who would like to know how you can show support for Sharon Elizabeth Photography. This is only for those who feel led to do so. And please know that no support is too small - and nothing will go unnoticed. There is no room for pride in a time like this - and so I am showing up with hat in hand and with deep gratitude for you and your kind heart.

big awkward hugs

a sincere

A true and sincere thank you to all of you who continue to support and show up for Sharon Elizabeth Photography... because it's actually so much more than that.

You are showing up for my daughter.

You are allowing us to pay for our continued medical bills and monthly medications. 

You are allowing us the opportunity to eat.

You are helping support our family.

So when you continue to show up for my business -- please know that it's so much more than that... and we are so deeply grateful.


share about your personal experience with sharon elizabeth photography and tag on facebook/instagram


not all support comes with a price tag


invite like-minded souls to follow along on instagram/facebook

like/comment on instagram/facebook posts and tag friends when relevant

leave reviews

wedding clients can leave reviews on the knot and wedding wire

all clients can leave reviews on google

share your review on your own social media accounts

record a 15-30 sec video clip talking about your experience with sharon elizabeth photography and email it


sign up for my devotional and inspirational newsletter

sign up for my business + photography newsletter

share the newsletter sign ups with like-minded souls

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I can't wait to learn more about your vision and the heart behind your business!